A Space to Find Meaning and Purpose



Our person-centred approach to therapy provides an authentic space that doesn’t feel clinical or judgemental. 


We view our clients experience through a holistic lens taking into account your mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual health. 

During therapy, we explore what is happening in your life right now (your present), review the experiences that led you here (your past) and work together to find out what you need to do to move forward towards your goal and values (your future).


At Ikigai Psychology Clinic our purpose is to:


  • Provide a space to explore your needs, fears and desires

  • Find creative ways to navigate challenging situations 

  • Support you with decision making through difficult life transitions

  • Listen without judgement and accept who you are regardless of where you are from




     Client-centred care that incorporates creative interventions to support your mental health


     Providing a space for you to feel accepted regardless of your race, culture, sexuality, age or gender



     Developing a genuine relationship that feels safe and confidential  

Our psychology practice is led by the belief that each individual is doing the best with what they have in each moment. Therapy is a space to come back to your centre, explore your inner world and understand how you interact with what's happening around you. 

There is a Japanese saying "Ichi-go Ich-e"

  which means "one life, one encounter". 

Each experience we have in life can never be repeated in the same way again. We need to treat every moment we have as our first and our last.


Our Therapists

​Our dedicated therapists have extensive psychology, counselling and coaching experience, working with adolescents, adults, couples and their families. 


Whether it be practical or fluid we can work with you to match your needs and discover ways to re-connect to your values. 


We have our own wellness routines to support us in being able to provide the best care we can for our clients. Some of what we like to do for self-care includes yoga, meditation, mindfulness, music, martial arts, dancing, cooking, drawing, painting, art, journaling and writing.

Tunteeya Yamaoka


Principal Psychologist,

Founder and Director 

BA, GDip, PGDip, MPP (Master of Professional Psychology)

Tunteeya's area of expertise is in supporting individuals with anxiety, social anxiety,  perfectionism, OCD, ADHD,  adjustment issues, identity , cross-cultural psychology, trauma, existential crisis and relationship problems.

Tara Crandon


Registered Psychologist,

BA (Psychology), MA (Counselling),

PhD (Currently under completion)

Tara has experience working with individuals who are struggling with anxiety, depression, self-exploration, life adjustments, grief and loss, relationship issues, cross-cultural psychology and trauma.