Tunteeya in the language of Dagomba in  Ghana, West Africa means "Growing Routes". I decided to carry my mother's last name Yamaoka 山岡 , which means "Mountain Valley" so that I can have both cultures in my name. I was born in Japan and grew up in Osaka before moving to Australia. I've lived and travelled to many cities and towns around the world but after all these years I still call Japan home. 


In Japanese culture the value of life is determined by the relationships that we have with ourselves and the people around us. I have seen examples of my family members living by their their Ikigai. For instance my Japanese Grandmother was a Kimono Consultant, her job was to help people select beautiful silk fabric for high quality custom made Japanese dresses. She was an expert in helping her clients select the perfect dress for different occasions including weddings, festivals and other cultural celebration.


My grandmother loved her job and she didn’t retire until 80. She was not only a Kimono Consultant but she was also a ballroom dancer, she enjoyed ceramics and practicing her radio exercises every single day. I was born into a creative family and my Japanese mother and grandfather are both artists. My father is from West Africa (Ghana) and he was a Diplomat and an educated man who is also spiritual. He wrote in his diary about dreams, practiced Kendo and was deeply routed to Ghanaian history and culture.


My mixed cultural background and the many different experiences i've had in my life has allowed me to feel a real sense of depth and meaning to life. My Ikigai is not only about helping others find purpose, but also to solidify my identity and stay grounded to my cultural routes. When I'm not obsessing over psychology, I enjoy running, dancing, writing, creating digital art and practicing my Matcha Ritual.

I have always been interested in creativity, afterall it is in my DNA. Opening Ikigai Psychology Clinic for me was like a creative process of learning how to work as an independent practitioner, business owner and entrepreneur all in one! Since Ikigai Psychology Clinic opened, I also created the Ikigai Creative Hub the one stop shop for creatively, business and wellness.


I know that it takes time, patients, perseverance and dedication to make ideas come to life, but I’m always willing to try. As long as I start the process of creation I am living by my value. Some may say it’s not enough to just start, especially if you don’t have a goal. Well I say an arbitrary goal is enough. When you get a burning desire to make something, just start, it doesn’t matter what it’s going to look like. Once you get the ball rolling you can start bending, mending, defining and refining the process of your idea (follow the Ikigai Idea Generation Cycle for tips)


Since I opened my practice in July 2019 my clinic has been featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, ABC and House of Wellness. I've also organised TEDx events and spoke at Creative Mornings. With each moment Ikigai Psychology Clinic is changing shape and form, but the core idea or concept doesn’t change, our values of creativity, community and connection stays the same. When we are flexible with the changes of life, we become more adaptable, relevant and inspiring. When what we do aligns with who we are that is beauty in the finest form.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is the creative process of the exploration of your ideas and manifestation of your values. You will receive objective, non-bias feedback and learn to identify the strength and weaknesses of your thought process.  As your coach I can help you look out for blind spots, point out any issues that i might see and also support you in achieving your goal and making sure you stay on track. A coach is like your psychological cheer leader who also holds the STOP sign out when necessary.


For me, I have too many ideas, not all of them are good ones. I am guilty of sometimes going down a vortex/rabit hole of crazy ideas and the only person that can get me out is myself (sometimes it can take a really long time and 12 hours has passed and I don't know which day it is anymore!).


Luckily i've been practicing a lot of mindfulness and I truly believe becoming an observer of my thoughts has helped me to take a step back and so that I can stop myself from catching every fish i see.


As your coach my aim is to help you stay on track, you will always be the driver, I am just sitting beside you, with the road map we've drawn together. I'll ask you questions like   "Are you sure this the right turn?" sometimes your answer might be "Yes, absolutely". At other times you might say "OH SH*T, I TOOK A WRONG TURN" and I'll say "It's okay, calm down, let's try another path".


While you are driving with me, when you say, "I don't know which way to go", I'll say "Let's figure this out together.". That's my job as your coach, a supportive resource, so that you don't have to do it all on your own, even if though i'm sure, you're very capable!"

Coaching is for..

Start Ups

Download workbooks, questionnaires, handouts and more .



Join thought provoking discussions modirated by industry professionals.

Stress Management

show case your art work (photography, illustrations, film, paintings etc) and showcase your skills and recieve feedback.

 to our community on our gallery

Personal Reset/


Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

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