Couples Counselling 

Image by Annie Spratt

Couples Counselling is for individuals wanting to improve the quality of their relationship through understanding each other's needs.

Couples Counselling is for couples who want to:

  • Manage conflict

  • Develop trust

  • Practice respectful communication

Couples counselling can help couples with:

  • Communicating emotions effectively

  • Boundary setting

  • Improve intimacy

Tunteeya's approach to couple's therapy is based on Attachment-Frameworks and Family Systems perspectives. She specialises in working with intercultural couples but is happy to see couples from all walks of life.


Her aim is to break the cycle of avoidance, blaming and invalidation that is often a learned behaviour through each individual's family and relationship history. She hopes that the couples she works with will learn to create their own set of values within the relationship so that they can create more space for love, trust, respect and effective communication.


What to expect during couples therapy:

Sessions 1-3 (The Beginning):  It will take several sessions to understand the core issues within the relationship. During these sessions, we will discuss the importance of validation and how invalidation creates conflicts within the relationship. 

Session 3-5 (The Middle): Perspective taking and clarifying values within the relationship. We will discuss trust and respect as the foundations of a healthy relationship and find ways to improve communication.

Session 6-10 (The Transition): We will discuss needs, desires and hopes for the relationship. We will find effective ways to overcome and manage conflict and deeply listen to each other's needs. 


**This is only a basic outline of what Couples Therapy may look like. Each couple will come with its own set of issues and the number of sessions may vary depending on each couple's needs **