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Indiana Henderson

Practice Manager

Indie is our lead client care virtual administrator and is here to answer any questions about our clinic. She enjoys a morning walk with her two dogs and loves drinking soy vanilla lattes. She's currently learning how to paint and finds this very therapeutic. Indie is here to answer any questions you may have about our services, Medicare, or billing. 

Human to Human Service

We understand how daunting it may be to make the first call to speak to someone. You may feel embarrassed and scared, not knowing where to start or what to say. Our administrators are not just professionals but humans who understand the challenges you're facing.

Our client care team is here to help you choose the right psychologist for your needs. We are committed to listening to you carefully and supporting you in finding the right fit with your psychologist.

If you have any questions about our clinic or services offered at our practice, feel free to call us at 0451 167  764 or email us at

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