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Our Approach

Our person-centred approach to therapy is an authentic space that doesn’t feel clinical or judgemental. 


We view our clients' experiences through a holistic lens taking into account their mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

During therapy, we explore what is happening in your life right now (your present), review the experiences that led you here (your past) and work together to find out what you need to do to move forward towards your goal and values (your future).


At Ikigai Psychology Clinic our purpose is to:

  • Find creative ways to navigate challenging situations 

  • Support you with decision making through difficult life transitions

  • Listen without judgement and accept who you are regardless of where you are from

The services we provide include:

  • Therapy and Couples Counselling

  • Professional Development

  • Coaching

  • Supervision

Our Psychologist :

Tunteeya Yamaoka

Tara Crandon

Tamika Langdon

Sarah Jang 

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a space where mental health is de-stigmatised so no one feels ashamed to ask for help.


We look beyond clinical symptomatology and explore your identity, environment, family, relationships, culture, work and education. We help you learn how your thoughts, emotions and behaviours impact your wellbeing.


We are here to explore your passion and your purpose as well as your pain and discomforts. Our hope is that through your experience with us you can find a way forward towards your goals and dreams.



     Client-centred care that incorporates creative interventions to support your mental health


     Providing a space for you to feel accepted regardless of your race, culture, sexuality, age or gender



     Developing a genuine relationship that feels safe and confidential  


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Our Story

Ikigai Psychology Clinic was founded by Registered Psychologist Tunteeya Yamaoka in 2019 and started as a passion project that operated from a wellness centre in Fortitude Valley before the COVID-19 Pandemic. Unfortunately during the March 2020 lockdown, the wellness centre closed down and moved its location forcing Ikigai Psychology Clinic to operate online.

In September 2020 Tunteeya found a humble suite to operate from above a private art gallery that felt like the ideal new home for Ikigai Psychology Clinic. Responding to the growing mental health crisis,  In August 2021 Tunteeya expanded her practice, inviting like-minded Psychologists and Therapists to join her clinic.

Tunteeya's purpose for opening Ikigai Psychology Clinic was to provide a safe space for people of all colours and genders to feel comfortable to express themselves and their identity without fear or judgement. Her passion for art, creativity, digital design, travel and culture shape her unique view on mental health and wellness that includes understanding how the external world around us shapes the way we see ourselves, which intern impact's our internal sense of wellbeing. 

At Ikigai Psychology Clinic we believe in providing a service that is ethical, professional and sustainable. Our views on mental health are not merely shaped by the reduction of negative symptoms. We believe that mental health is getting to a place where we feel more "alive" and that includes having a clearer sense of purpose and developing long-lasting healthy relationships with our friends, partners, family and community around us.