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Dive into a curated collection of resources designed to improve your well-being. 


Here are some guided mindfulness meditation practices that can help you feel calm and grounded. 

Mindful Awareness

Ikigai Meditation

Connecting to Your Inner Genius

Mindful Breath Tunteeya Yamaoka
00:00 / 08:07
Ikigai MeditationTunteeya Yamaoka
00:00 / 09:37
Accessing Your Inner GeniusTunteeya Yamaoka
00:00 / 08:01

This is a mindfulness and meditation for beginners wanting to practice connecting to the body and the breath to improve overall well-being.

This Ikigai meditation will support you in connecting with your inner compass. Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means reason for being and has supported many people in living a purposeful life.

This meditation teaches you how to connect to your inner genius. The part of you that holds the wisdom of knowing who you are. 

You can listen to more meditations and attend live free classes held by our director Tunteeya Yamaoka on Insight Timer.


Download the Insight Timer App and search Ikigai Psychology.

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Ikigai Workbook

Learn how to live with purpose and improve your overall sense of wellbeing. 

The Free Ikigai Guide Book includes worksheets and activities you can do in your own free time at your own pace. 

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