Ikigai Psychology - Teeya Yamaoka


  • Supervision

  • Mentorship

  • Professional Development Coaching

  • 5+1 Internship principal / secondary supervisor

  • Transitional program for overseas-qualified applicants

My services can be conducted in-person or online.

"What I hope for Psychology students, Provisional Psychologists and young Psychologists in training is to develop a strong sense of identity. That is to know who you are, what kind of therapist you want to be and to understand what kind of clients you want to work with. Be honest with yourself. What are your strengths and weaknesses and what kind of lifestyle do you want to live? I'm here to provide guidance on that process and support you through that journey. I hope to see you not only as a student, psychologist in training or professiona but as a person who has a unique individual needs."

Supervision and Professional Development

I am a Psychologist, TEDx Organiser and Founder of Ikgai Psychology Clinic. Throughout my l career,  I worked in different environments including public and private hospitals, universities, clinics and corporate organisations.  I am also a Creative Mornings speaker and volunteer and I love getting involved in community projects. 

When I was a Psychology student and young Psychologist in training, I had many questions. "How do I become a Psychologist  ",  "Which path should I take?" and "What kind of lifestyle do I want to live?". Before I turned thirty and opened Ikigai Psychology Clinic, I had an existential moment where I questioned my career in my early to mid-twenties. I know what it feels like to not know which direction to go in. I focused so hard on building my professional profile, but I didn't know what I was doing it for. I  realised I wasn't exercising my own creativity, so when I decided to focus on building my own practice, I felt joy again, it was incredibly hard but I felt fulfilled knowing I was investing in my future. I went through many hardships, and challenges and I pushed my own limits and boundaries. Because of the experiences that I had,  I am passionate about supporting young ambitious students and professionals on this journey.

 A Psychology degree provides an array of different opportunities, and there are many pathways that you can take, which can sometimes be confusing. My role is to help you navigate your way through that confusion and to provide clarity and direction.

As a Board Approved Supervisor I provide 3 different types of services to support students and professionals at different stages of their careers:

  1. Mentorship: Provide support, advice and guidance for Psychology Students in their 3rd or 4th year of studies. 

  2. Supervision: Supervising Psychologists in training (5+1) and facilitating transitions for overseas qualified professionals.

  3. Professional Development: Support Psychologists at the early stages of their career by helping them to define their niche as well as their personal brand.

If you'd like to have a chat, book a free 30-minute consult over zoom. After our initial meeting, we can organise to continue supervision online or meet in person if we are the right fit.

*If you are a young psychologist in training struggling to fund your own journey, first of all, speak to your Professional Development Officer or Academic Coordinator at University. It is free to speak with them and they can provide you with a lot of guidance. I also provide a group mentorship program at an affordable price. Please send me an enquiry and I'll be in touch!

Coaching and Mentorships

As a Supervisor, Professional Development Coach and Mentor I am here to support you in building your professional identity. I draw on my knowledge of Ikigai Philosophy, Psychodynamic theory, Eastern and Western practices in psychology and Acceptance and commitment therapy to guide my work. 

What is a Supervision?

  • Supervision focuses on reflecting on your clinical practice and receiving guidance and support with clinical intervention, theoretical practice and developing your professional identity as a therapist. 

  • We discuss transference and countertransference, projections and biases that may show up in therapy as well as reflect upon experiences you're having in your own life.

  • If you are a part of the 5+1 registration program or an overseas qualified professional, supervision will be focused on reflecting on your practice and meeting the requirements for AHPRA to become a Registered Psychologist.  


How are sessions conducted?

  • Sessions can be conducted in person or online. 

How frequent are sessions?

  • This will depend on your needs as an individual and whether you are already registered or are training to become a Registered Psychologist.​​​

  • For Psychologists already registered with AHPRA, the CPD requirement for Supervision is 10hrs peer consultations per year. 


What are the costs involves 

  • For professionals already registered as a Psychologist, the cost is $195 per session. For Psychologists in the 5+1 program and overseas qualified professionals, the cost will depend on the stage of training.

What is a Professional Development Coach?

If you are a registered Psychologist at the early stages of your career,  a psychologist wanting to change directions in your career, or a professional wanting to understand more about becoming a Psychologist, my Professional Development Coaching series can support you with discovering your professional identity. We will use and apply the Japanese 5S Method to help you find clarity and direction. 

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What is a Mentor?

If you are a student, a new graduate or looking to pursue a career in Psychology having a mentor may be helpful to find direction in your future career.

Mentorship may be right for you if:​

  • You want to understand what options are available for you after graduation.

  • You may be considering studying psychology or transitioning into a Psychology degree but you want to speak to someone in the profession before you start. 

  • You want to talk about your career path and personal development.

  • You are looking for support with creating a career plan for yourself.

How are sessions conducted?

Deep Dive:

one-off, 2 hours deep dive into your career: After this session, you will have more clarity on which direction to go with your education and career. We will draw a mind map together and you will walk away knowing what options are available to you. This session can be conducted in person or online. 


  • Fee: $330 (120 minutes)

Monthly Meetups:


This option is for you if you would like to have regular catch-ups with your mentor to ask questions, seek professional advice, ask questions and have more clarity for your professional journey.

  • Fee: $ 165 (60 minutes)

Online Group:


Knowing you're not alone in the struggles you face can be helpful, you will also have an opportunity to ask questions in a group. This is a cost-effective strategy for people who may be struggling to afford 1:1 sessions but still need help. There will be 3-4 participants carefully selected who will have similar questions to you. Group meetings can occur one-off or on a regular basis.

  • Fee: $85 (90 minutes)