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We have various services, including Psychological Therapy, Psychological Assessments, ADHD Consultations, Coaching, Clinical Supervision and Couples Therapy. 

Appointments are claimable by Medicare with a Mental Health Care Plan referral.

We also provide services for private paying clients and clients who have private health.



$230-$235 (50 minutes)

$92.90 claimable from Medicare

Out of pocket expense




$215-$225 (50 minutes)

$92.90 claimable from Medicare

Out of pocket expense

$122.10- $132.

After Hours and Satrurdays

$245 (50 minutes)

Appointments after 5:00pm

$92.90 claimable from Medicare

Out of pocket expense




$230 (50 minutes)* additional fees for after hour appointments. 

$92.90 claimable from Medicare

Out of pocket expense




$860 (120 minutes)

(2 hrs Assessment + 2 hrs Report Writing)

ADHD Feedback


$215 (50 minutes)* additional fees for after hours appointments


$215 (50 minutes)

Couples Therapy

$250-$300 (50 minutes)

Coaching Initial





* a non-refundable deposit of $50 is charged when making your first appointment. The deposit can be paid online or over the phone with our receptionist when booking your appointment.

Cancellation Policy

We require two business days’ notice if you cannot keep an appointment*. This is a courtesy to our therapist and other clients needing care. 

Our reception hours are Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. If appointments are cancelled within two business days, a cancellation fee of $95.00 will be charged. 

Clients who do not attend their scheduled appointments or cancel within 4 hours of their appointment will be charged the total cost. 

Cancellation fees will not be claimable through Medicare and will be deducted from the card details provided at the time of booking.

We will do our best to accommodate you when you notify us within 24hrs if you are unwell. 

*For Monday morning appointments before noon, please notify us by Thursday if you cannot attend your appointment.


At Ikigai Psychology Clinic, we provide therapy under Medicares Better Access to program for our clients. 

You may be able to access a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) referral from your GP, enabling you to receive a Medicare rebate of $92.90 per session with a Psychologist.


The Medicare rebate is typically available for up to ten sessions per calendar year.

Discussing options for a MHCP is personal, and you don't have to have one to attend therapy. Our Psychologists are also registered private health providers, and you may be able to claim a rebate depending on your level of coverage.



At Ikigai Psychology Clinic we provide therapy under Medicare Better Access to program for our clients. You may be able to access a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) referral from your GP, enabling you to receive a Medicare rebate of  $92.90  per session for up to ten sessions with a Psychologist. 


Private Health

Our Psychologists at Ikigai Psychology Clinic are registered providers with major health care funds. 


You may be eligible to claim partial costs of the consultation fee with your private health provider.


Please contact your provider for further information to see whether your level of cover is eligible for psychological services.


Private Paying

It is not a requirement to have a MHCP or Private health to attend therapy. You can choose to pay for your sessions privately if you would like to make personal investments into your session with a Psychologist.

ADHD Assessment

How to get an assessment 

ADHD Assessment: The purpose of an ADHD assessment and diagnosis is to offer you and other professionals the information they need to understand and support you with your condition. Our ADHD Assessment assessment is conducted online in three phases. The fee is charged at the beginning of each stage. The total cost of the ADHD assessment is the initial appointment fee + assessment + feedback session.

Phase 1: Initial Appointment ($230)*

You will have a 50-minute consultation with your Psychologist to discuss your concerns for ADHD. Your Psychologist will conduct a screener to determine whether further testing is needed.


Phase 2: Assessment ($860)

The assessment phase will take approximately 120 minutes. Once the evaluation is complete, your Psychologist will write a report and provide you with some feedback about your diagnosis.


Phase 3: Feedback and Result ($215)*

At this session, you will discuss the assessment results and what steps to take after your diagnosis. Your Psychologist may coordinate support with other health professionals. After your assessment, you may continue receiving therapy from one of our Psychologists in person or online.

Total Price: $1305*


* additional fees will be charged for after hours appointments. 


Please note that access to some supports (i.e., NDIS, medication for ADHD) typically requires engagement with other professionals, i.e., a paediatrician or psychiatrist to prescribe medication for ADHD.


Going through an assessment for ADHD may not always lead to an ADHD diagnosis; your Psychologist may determine that you may need further testing, especially if your symptoms are consistent with differential diagnoses such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disability or learning disorder. 

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Learn More About Therapy 

We vary in our needs, personalities, and the issues we face.

Different therapies address this diversity and provide practical approaches for each individual's unique situation.

Depending on your conditions and concerns, some therapies may be more suitable for you than others. 

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