Steps You Can Take to Build a Sustainable Future

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The recent bush fires in Australia has resulted in thousands of people losing their homes, the natural habitat of many native animals has been destroyed and millions of acres of forestry has burned down.

Regenerating our bushland needs to be a top priority for us all but when we are grieving the loss that our nation is experiencing, this may spark feelings of stress, anxiety and depression, which can sometimes lead to unhelpful responses that may include:

1. Feelings of anger and resentment for the lack of action people are taking.

2. Trying to suppress or escape from worries about the future and the state our climate is in.

3. Experiencing feelings of helplessness and hopelessness and thinking there is nothing that can you can do about it.

Acknowledging the loss that our nation is experiencing and reminding ourselves that the most powerful response during times of crisis is to come together as a community It is important to remember that when individuals come together to support each other by taking small steps to restore out plant, that is when we can make a real difference.

Instead of reacting in anger, avoidance or anxiety here are some pro-active steps you can take.

8 simple steps you can take to help you cope during times of crisis:

Acknowledge your feeling about climate change instead of avoiding them.

Create social norms about protecting the environment by talking to others about some lifestyle changes we can all make to reduce consumption.

Talk about climate change and break the collective silence so that more people are aware of those risks involved if we don’t take action.

Inspire positive visions of low-energy, sustainable living so that we can feel some hope about what we are working towards.

Value our planet, take a moment to realise that deep down we all care about our home. If you enjoy swimming in the ocean and you value spending time with your family at the beach, what is something you can do to make sure our ocean stays clean? Or if enjoying going to the park with your friends to have an afternoon picnic, what is something you can do to make sure our environment is left undamaged?

Act realise every small action counts, whether you reduce your water consumption, use reusable bags, take your keep cup to work or plant trees, every step you take makes a difference.

Time is now, climate change is a relevant topic that we all need to talk about, it’s not something that is going to affect us in the future anymore, it’s happening now.

Engage with nature to restore your spirits and connect with what you are trying to protect.

A.C.T.I.V.A.T.E Acronym used from the APS Website