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Ikigai (生き甲斐) is a Japanese concept that means "reason for being".
The word refers to having a meaningful direction and purpose in life. 

We can have everything we need to survive and yet, still feel like there is something missing in our life. 


Many of us can feel like we have "first-world problems", yet living everyday with feelings of uncertainty, that feeling of "I need to be better", "Something needs to change", "Am i missing something?" and "What's my purpose?" can be difficult and overwhelming especially if you are dealing with these problems alone.


In this day and age where uncertainty is everywhere, everyday life experiences can lead to feelings of stress, overwhelm and frustration especially if you feel you are not "succeeding" or meeting your own or others expectations.


As human being what we need to do is to focus on what's within our control. That is how we breathe, think and behave in response to the crazy world we live in. When we can learn to anchor our-self through self-regulation, we can bring awareness to the things that we do that can sometimes lead to unhelpful behaviour patterns. The aim of therapy is to slowly change the cycle you live in and to release yourself from that feeling of "stuckness". 


Ikigai Psychology Clinic is a safe place where you will learn practical strategies to deal with uncertainty so that you can live with purpose, meaning and fulfilment. 

"I believe everything is transient, nothing lasts forever, including the difficult experiences we have in life. Sometimes what we need to do is to let go of control, trust the human experience and take the plunge.When we are willing to feel the discomfort and let go of everything else, that's when we are most capable to grow"


-Tunteeya Yamaoka 

Living With Purpose

Tunteeya (Teeya) Yamaoka is a Psychologist and founder of Ikigai psychology clinic and has been featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, ABC and House of WellnessShe has worked in government, clinical settings, and large corporate organizations including Zurich Group and Studygroup International. In addition to her work as a Psychologist, Tunteeya is a TEDxOrganiser and volunteer for Creative Mornings.

Experienced in Treating:

Anxiety/Social Anxiety 









If you are a new client please submit a contact form at the bottom of the page before booking an appointment.