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Ikigai Psychology Clinic

We support humans in finding clarity and direction. 

Psychological Therapy | Couples Counselling | Coaching | ADHD Assessments | Clinical Supervision | Telehealth 

Our Team

AHPRA Registered Psychologists 

Our Psychologists are here to assist you in finding clarity and direction.

We can support you in discovering creative ways to navigate challenging situations.


Ikigai Psychology

Living With Purpose

​Ikigai Psychology is a peaceful place to explore your identity and understand who you are. During therapy, you will learn more about yourself and find ways to navigate complex thoughts and emotions. We provide support for children, teenagers, and adults who are exploring their purpose in life. 


Opening Hours

Our Psychologists located in Melbourne and Brisbane are available in person and via telehealth, nationally and internationally from 6:00 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturdays. Additional after-hours appointments are available.


How we can provide support

Individual Therapy

A non-judgmental space for humans to explore their thoughts in a safe space where they feel deeply herd.

Couples Therapy

Experienced couples therapists supporting you to develop a deeper sense of connection in your relationships.


Our coaches are trained Psychologists who can support you in achieving your goals and enhancing your performance.

ADHD Assessments

We provide assessments in-person and online for ADHD and other mental health concerns.


We have experienced registered supervisors who can support you to meet the requirements for continued professional development (CPD).

A Peaceful Place To Explore Your Purpose

Ikigai Psychology Clinic is a warm and welcoming space in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Our Psychologists can also provide support via Telehealth so you can access therapy from the comfort of your home nationally and internationally.

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Our tailored approach to therapy


Finding the right vibe with your therapist is essential. Our Psychologists are warm, caring and committed to improving your overall well-being. Our team of intake officers will support you in finding the right psychologist for your needs. 


During therapy, we explore what is happening in your life right now (your present), review the experiences that led you here (your past), and work together to find out what you need to do to move forward toward your goal and values (your future).


Psychologists follow strict ethical guidelines to protect your privacy. Your Psychologist cannot disclose information about you or your session without your explicit consent, and details will remain confidential between you and your Psychologist. 

A Space to Explore Purpose

Book an appointment online to speak to a psychologist

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