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Mental Fitness: Strong Men In Therapy

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"Why am I feeling this way? I have everything I need and I am still feeling un-happy, how ungrateful and pathetic am I to have such pity on myself". Females and males are both susceptible to experiencing these thoughts, however Men can find it more difficult to express them because of the myths that people may hear about strong men not needing therapy.

Just like females, males need a place to express their emotions freely, without being judged. The point of expressing emotions is so that you can identify what you're feelings. Once you identify what you are feeling, you can find ways to overcome the issues that are challenging you, which might be anything from a difficult relationship you may have with your partner or friend, lack of motivation in your workplace or the inability to get up and go exercise like you use to.

In order to overcome a problem first you need to identify what the problem is, and it's much easier to have someone to openly discuss these issues with. Gaining another person's perspective means there is more eyes looking at the problem, which may help you get closer towards finding a solution.

Sometimes what you need is a mental break or rest first, before you start problem solving and therapy is a place that can provide that for you. In Therapy you learn to re-build your mind so that you can be stronger and mentally fitter so that you can begin to feel better and do the things you use to do.

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