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There is More to Life Than Being Productive.

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The recent COVID-19 outbreak has impacted the majority of our country and the way we operate as a system. There is uncertainty floating in the air and many people are concerned about the future. For many of us who thrives on being "productive", our lives suddenly coming to a halt has shocked our nervous system.

To be productive in this moment is not always the best way forward. What we need to do is to focus on our values, connect with ourselves and our loved ones and not to think our way out of the state of deficit we are in.

What we need to do is to experience the grief that our nation is experiencing. You may be in denial, you may feel angry or try to bargain your way out of your situation. But it is not until you connect with the level of pain and sadness that our society is experiencing that we can raise collective levels of empathy that will begin to pave a new path towards acceptance.

Go outside for one moment, we are all living under the same roof, that is the sky. We are all in this together, we have an opportunity to rebuild and to redefine what truly matters to us. This challenge is an opportunity for change. To think about what we truly need as human being to survive.

To be frank, our system is not working and we need to take time to re-build something that is not as fragile as it was before. We need to not to put the broken pieces back together but to examine what it is that is broken, to see if different pieces can be bended, molded or changed into new forms that is sustainable, valuable and well suited to our current times.

What we need is not for the world to be as it was before, what we need is change, something brand new.

This is an opportunity to create a new norm, a new society.

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